Monday, July 25, 2011

"The Land of Wulf"

"The Land of Wulf"

Is a story Jakey wrote and performs with balloon art!

Recently performed with the help of Morgan the Magnificent
(aka The Jokester)
plus all the kids at Charlotte's Birthday Party!

The basic story:

It is a land of puppies. Once a year the elder puppies gather under
the full moon and teach the baby puppies how to howl! This year
however, the full moon does not appear and instead the whole sky is a
bright orange.

The elders ask a variety of forest friends if they can help to find

out what is going on. It isn't until they ask Polly Parrot (who can
fly to the tree tops) that they discover the orange sky is actually a
herd of giraffes!

The giraffes had lost their home in a forest fire and ended up in the

land of Wulf. The tree tops in Wulf are covered in delicious purple
flowers that the giraffes can not resist! They all make friends and
agree that at the full moon the giraffes would not block the view!
Happy ending with the giraffes having a new home, and the baby puppies
all howling!!