Monday, October 21, 2013

Face Painting designs!


My friend Carol is a real trooper!
Jakey got some new face paints & wanted 
to try them out before doing gigs in
ALL of Central Texas!

Winged Horse




Jakey has hundreds more
face painting designs!
Carol got tired of washing her face though!

Too busy to stop and take pictures
when I am on the job!
Thank you Carol!!  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

32nd Annual Old Pecan Street Fall Festival

A cold front collided with tropical moisture from 
The Gulf of Mexico...
right over Central Texas!
And right during the 32nd Annual 

Jakey made balloon art from 
11am through 4:30pm
On Saturday - non stop - right up till it started raining...
Then it was time for a break!
I sat under my big striped umbrella and 
covered my wagon with a shower curtain...
Talk about raining cats & dogs!!
Everything got drenched...

Wet or not, Jakey got a major

It rained some on Sunday too, and the parents were so sweet to hold the umbrella over me, while I twisted their kids the balloon art fantasies of their dreams!