Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Party Fun!!


Jakey entertained at Vince's 4th Birthday, and then his daddy had me back to entertain at his 5th Birthday Party!
Birthday Girl!

Jakey performed her original story 
"The Land of Wulf" 
Alyssa's 2nd Birthday Party!  
Here she is holding her puppy and Mariposa 
who saved the day by discovering why 
the sky was orange!


Mommy to 5 (yes 5!) daughters!  
She put together the most awesome 
Birthday Party for all 5 of them!
She chose a Circus theme... 
Jakey did balloon art, 
plus there was a face painter 
who had wonderful designs, 
a petting zoo with minature horses 
for the kids to ride, party games 
and an official photographer!

Several of the kids recognized Jakey 
from Breakfast with Santa at the 

Jakey loves entertaining at Birthday Parties!!  :)