Monday, May 9, 2011

Old Pecan St. Spring Festival 2011

Did I say "spring"? I should have said summer!
Mother's Day hit 98 scorching degrees in downtown Austin.
Thank goodness for sunscreen and Gatorade...

The other clown at Pecan St. just looked at these 2 goofy guys weird when they asked him to make them "embarrassing" hats.
Doesn't stop Jakey!
A pink octopus & a neon flower hat ought to do the trick! LOL

Mom took the picture - sure wish she had gotten the bat that was perched on top of this kid's hat! Really made for a complete ensemble!! :-)

Okay. I admit Jakey wasn't the only colorful character at Pecan St.!!

These 3 siblings loved their hats!
I was given all of the flowers from the booth that is pictured behind them! The very talented vendor makes unique vases! Should have gotten one of them - all the flowers would only fit in this pitcher when I got them home!

A beautiful reminder of a very fun Old Pecan St. Festival!!

Jakey the Clown

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