Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jakey is back!!

 Where have you been Jakey the Clown??

Thank you for missing me!!  I missed y'all too!!

But where have you been?!?

I have been at home taking care of myself
after falling from a ladder
and breaking both of my legs...  :(

Ouchie Jakey - I bet that hurt!!  You okay now?

Much, much better thank you!

I spent a couple of months in a wheelchair...

Then graduated to a walker.

I was smart.  
Followed my doctor's orders
did my physical therapy
and am now nearly
back to normal!!

YAY Jakey!!!
Will you come to my Birthday Party?

YES!!!  As long as it is in March 2016 and beyond!

Am giving myself the rest of February
to do more physical therapy
and quit being quite so
wobbly on my legs!

Call or email now to set up the date and time!!

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