Monday, November 8, 2010

Love-A-Bull Festival

Rescue Ink!!

LOVE these guys! Champions of abused animals - traveling the country rescuing our furry friends from neglect and inhumane treatment!

I'm holding a picture of Freckles - my rescued Pit Bull. I wish Rescue Ink had been here when Freckles managed to run away from the mean people who had the Pit Bull fighting ring a few miles away from where I live. Rescue Ink would have set those cowards straight!

The Love-A-Bull Festival
downtown Austin on November 7th, 2010
was attended by hundreds of dogs and their humans!

Bringing awareness to the community that the Pit Bull breed is getting a BAD RAP!
Bad behavior is taught by the owner, not inbred in the breed!

Everybody got along just fine!!

There was a parade to begin the festivities with. I saw it on the news, but not in person. I did get a couple of photos of participants in the costume contest...

This guy has an angelic smile to go with his angel outfit!

Mama's little babies...

And at the Rescue Ink booth...

"I'm a Dalmation, and I'm beautiful!"

Hugs, love, skritch, treats, purr, spay, neuter and ADOPT!


Jakey the Clown


  1. That comment link is so tiny I missed it first go around. There is a picture to the right of "everybody got along just fine" that I cannot see in my Safari browser. There is just a question mark in that box. Waahhh.

    Cute cute cute Love a Bull guys.

  2. Yes, this clown was quite flustered being in the presence of the Rescue Ink guys! :-)