Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Colorful Characters / Ms. Ivie Flowers

Ms. Ivie checking out Jakey's set up

I LOVE chocolate brownies! Sweet, gooey, chocolaty and yummy!

Ms. Ivie Flowers gave me a bag of brownies she had made. She makes a lot of brownies, cakes, breads, cookies and even cans jams and jellies. How fun would it be to hang out in her kitchen and get to lick all the bowls!

Ms. Ivie sells her baked goods every Saturday in front of the Dollar General in Elgin to raise money for her church. I set up next to Ms. Ivie to make balloon art to raise money for
The Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund
. She thought I was quite the colorful character - I made a new friend in Ms. Ivie!

I made Ms. Ivie a flower on a stem in a heart balloon, and she wore it on her arm all day long! She knew a lot of the people that came by and took the time to chat with them all.

“How are you today?” she would ask…

So, I chimed in and would ask: “How are you today? Ms. Ivie and I are doing great! We’re sweet and we’re funny – guess which is which??
Ha-ha!! She’s the funny one!!”

pointing to Ms. Ivie. Then we would both giggle!

Remembering how sweet and tasty those brownies were on my tongue… Well, my sweet tooth knows where to go on Saturday mornings!!

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