Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mama Mia / Skritch & Skratchy

(Also known as Little Girl
My Sweetness & Love)

Mama Mia's 17th Birthday Party

My BF kitty Mama Mia had recently gone to The Rainbow Bridge at the age of 21 years old (that’s 147 kitty years old!), and I was hoping to fill the empty spot in my heart with another black kitty cat. The good Lord sent me two of them!

Skritch & Skratchy

Were rescued from a dumpster out in Lakeway along with 2 other siblings by a friend when they were about 4 ½ weeks old. They are identical twin boys. Skritch wears a red bell collar, and Skratchy a blue one. That helps me to tell them apart. They are also juvenile delinquents!

Skritch has a purr motor that would sooth any savage beast! Skratchy is mischievous and likes to pick on Squeek. Squeek is the Queen of the Pride though, so Skratchy is largely unsuccessful in his antics!

Skritch & Skratchy turn 2 years old on March 10th (14 years old in kitty years), so they are still teenagers! I'm thinking mackerel cakes with catnip candles so Squeek won't get jealous... LOL


Jakey's Furdoggies

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